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245 West 72nd St.

New York, NY 10023

Between Broadway and West End Ave

New Location: NYC

Custom-Made Hats

Accessories and More

Complete your look with our beautiful collection of Swarovski crystal French clips, scarves, and much more.

At Jeannie's Dream, your custom hat is our dream too. We'll help you turn your dream into reality. Ask for a FREE quote.

Our family-owned and locally operated boutique always has a sale going on. We are located in New York.

Stylish Headwear Sized for the Perfect Fit Visit Our Boutique Today

"Great store. Good merchandise at good prices. Sales are really good. Jeannie is very personable and helpful." -- Lois Rochford

"Large selection of hats. Great customer service. Just recapping from previous experience, it's always best to ask the people who work in the store to check your size and which hats best suit your face. They were very honest with me! Always a plus in my book. I'd recommend bringing the material just to make sure you're getting the color you want. I got the perfect hat that fits me just the way I like it, and everyone in the church always compliments me on it!" -- Anonymous client

Headband Hat Bracelet

You Dream It,

We Make It Real

"Jeannie's Dream is fantastic! Endless supply of the newest and most beautiful hats, accessories, and even scarves! The staff makes you feel and look your best - and I always leave the store with fabulous finds and a smile!" -- Abbe, customer